Your student email

All employees and students at UC Absalon have a UCA e-mail account. In the IT welcome letter, you will find your email address ( The easiest way to enter the email system is by following the link When you log in here you will also have access to Fronter and from here, you can access many of our systems and services.

To enter your student mail, go to "Tools" or "Personlige værktøjer" and press "Absalon mail"

Click this link to access your e-mail account

The first time you log in, the page will look like this

The first time you log in, the page will look like this

You might be send to a log in site the first time you use the e-mail system.

  1. Type your UCA e-mail address
  2. Type your password

Henceforward you do not need to log in again to access your email.

The UCA mail account

When you enter the email system, you are able to read and write emails. The system is based on Microsoft Outlook but in a web-based edition. Please notice that some browsers will not show the full edition of the Outlook app., especially the older browsers will only show a limited view.

If you want to log in directly to the email system, follow the link

Receive emails on your smartphone or tablet

Receive emails on your smartphone or tablet

If you wish to receive emails on your smartphone or tablet, you must set up the mail system Exchange (iPhone and iPad) or download the app Microsoft Outlook (Android). Then you will be asked to state your username and password and then the configuration will start automatically. Please notice that it might be an expensive affair if you download emails via wireless broadband. However, it is free if you use Wi-Fi.