Timetable scheduling

Our system for schedules and room booking

TimeEdit - UC Absalon

There are more than one way to use TimeEdit. In this guide, you can find out how to view your schedule, subscribe to it and view it in your personal calendar, on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

How to find TimeEdit

To find TimeEdit go to https://timeedit.net or log in to Fronter and click the link as shown below:

TimeEdit will now open in a new tab.

Press "Viewer + Plan"

Next you will be ask to choose your institution.

Put in "Absalon" in the search box, and choose "Professionshøjskolen Absalon [cloud]"

The default language is Danish. Press the button "Sprog: Dansk" in the top right corner, and choose "English", to view it in English:

Now choose "Studerende ved Professionshøjskolen Absalon".

You are now asked to login with WAYF.

Click the link.

If you have saved the WAYF cookie from other applications using this service, then you will go straight through. If not, then you might have to find Absalon again in the list of institutions.

Once you are past WAYF, you will be met with a new menu.

Press "SKEMAVISNING" in that menu:

Type in your group name here

Example of how to find a group schedule

  1. In the search box type your group name
  2. In the search result choose your group(s)
  3. The group will now be shown in the right side under "€my choices"€
  4. Click €"Vis skema"€ (show schedule)

If you wish, it is possible to choose more than one group and view it in the same schedule.

Schedule for ss2014sa

This is how the schedule looks. You can move forward and back.

Get your time table onto your mobile phone

The following two instructions (in Danish) describe step-by-step how to get your time table onto your phone (either integrated in an app like Google Calendar or as a shortcut on the phone).

Note: The following two links use Google Translate to transform the instructions from Danish to English. Please be aware of possible incorrect automatic translations!