Absalon's digital learning platform (FRONTER)

All students and teachers at University College Absalon are using Fronter as their digital learning platform. When using Fronter, you will get access to materials and information regarding your studies. Papers and other written material are also handed in in Fronter.

Go to net.pha.dk

The first time you log into Fronter by net.pha.dk, you will see a page from WAYF - you will be asked for your consent, so that WAYF can send you directly to Fronter.

In the "Welcome letter" that you have recieved, you will see your emailaddress and password that you will need when logging into Fronter.

Now choose "Professionshøjskolen Absalon" (or University College Absalon in English) as shown below:

How to change language in Fronter

First of all, you will need to change language in Fronter.

1. Go to "Dagens"

2. Press the small [DK] button to change language


Getting started

1. When loggin onto net.pha.dk, you will autamatically go to the homepage called "Today".

2. Here you find your Fronter rooms.

3. Here you can see all the news that are published from your Fronter rooms.

4. Here you can see all the messages that are published from your Fronter rooms.

1. You can also see the homepage called "Velkommen til Absalon".

2. When choosing "Your name" (in the upper right hand corner) you can change settings as phone number etc.

3. In the left toolbar, you will be able to find further instructions for IT at Absalon.

About the menu "Tools"

When choosing "Tools" you will find links to library etc.

How you find your Fronter teaching rooms?

1. Besides "Today" you can also find your Fronter teaching rooms by going to "Tools"

2. Choose "Mine rum"/My rooms


Remember to "pin" the chosen tab so that the tab will remain open next time you logon to Fronter.

You can navigate normally in Fronter by using the arrows in your browser