How you add your timetable schedule as a shortcut on your iphone

Start a browser on your pc

Go to: (click here)


Choose "Skemavisning" (schedule) (only initials)

Search for your class

  1. Enter your class name
  2. Click on your class (en2015s)
  3. Then go to "Mine valg" - click on your class name

Your schedule shows the next 4 weeks

Now we need to change the 4 weeks to 6 months.

Click on 4 weeks

We now have to change the relative enddate (slutdato)

Click on "relativ slutdato" (relative enddate)

Vi skal ændre relativ slutdato

Change weeks (uger) to months (måneder)

Click on weeks (uger)

Skift fra uger til måneder

Choose months (måneder)

  1. Choose months
  2. Choose +6
Vælg måneder

Now the schedule shows the next 6 months

Now get the link to your schedule

Click on the link and copy the link adress in your browser

Find linket til skemaet

Send a mail

Copy the link and sent it to your phone.

Send en mail


  1. Open the link you sent to your phone.
  2. At the top right corner of the window you got three vertical dots. Press them.
  3. Press "Add to Home"

Your Timetable schedule is now available through a shortcut on your homescreen.

If you have an Iphone, then you need to do the following steps:

Open the link you sent to your phone.

Press the sharing-button as illustrated below.

Her er skemaet vist på telefonen (iPhone)

Add now to Homescreen

Føj til hjemmeskærm

Almost ready

  1. You can change the name
  2. Complete by pressing Add
Næsten klar

Here you can see your TimeEdit schedule on homescreen of your phone

Så ligger skemaet på telefonen